About Refund Policy

Presentation Stock will make the Product available for download by you as soon as We accepts your order. We offers a thirty (30) day money back guarantee on a Product. If you find a Product is not compatible, corrupt, or is missing on download, Presentation Stock can refund you the price you paid for the Product. Refund Policy requires that you permit sufficient time to remedy any problem with a Product. Most issues are resolved within seven (7) days and if we cannot resolve your issue with your Product within seven (7) days, We will provide a full refund for the amount you paid for the Product to the payment method you used when purchasing the Product as set for in these Terms.
1 – Please test your products within the thirty (30) day refund period to ensure satisfaction. After thirty (30) days, We will still make every reasonable attempt to assist you with any problems encountered with the Presentation Stock support policy but are unable to provide a refund.
2 – If you have changed your mind regarding the regular purchase of a non-discounted Presentation Stock Product, We can refund the price you paid for the Product within 30 days if you have not downloaded any files for the Product to your device, as determined in Presentation Stock’ sole discretion. We reserves the right to refuse to provide a refund according to this Section on events/discounts and special offers.
3 – If you purchase a Product with store credit, a refund can only be refunded back to your store credit account and not to the original payment method.