how to Share Powerpoint effectively

How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation Effectively

in Tips and Tricks on November 8, 2023

Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation Effectively is a critical expertise in the present computerized world. Whether you’re giving a business show, showing a class, or essentially sharing thoughts, knowing How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation Successfully can have a tremendous effect in how your crowd accepts your message. In this article, we will direct you through different strategies to consistently share your PowerPoint Presentation Effectively.

Method 1: Sharing Through Application for Presentations

1. MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint offers multiple ways of sharing your Presentation:

a. Using an Email
Append the PowerPoint document to an email and send it to your crowd

b. OneDrive or SharePoint
Transfer your presentation to OneDrive or SharePoint and share the connection. This takes into consideration cooperative altering and ongoing review.

c. Web based Gathering Stages
Use stages like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to introduce your PowerPoint straightforwardly to your crowd

d. Installing on a Site
You can install a PowerPoint show on a site or blog utilizing the “Implant” highlight

2. Share a PowerPoint Presentation using Google Slide

Google Slides is a cloud-based alternative to PowerPoint that offers similar sharing options:
a. Share via Link

Click on the “Share” button, select “Copy link”, and send the link to your audience.

b. Email Collaboration

Invite collaborators via email. They can edit or view the presentation.

c. Embed in a Website

Google Slides offers an embed feature, allowing you to insert your presentation into a webpage.

Method 2: Export Your Powerpoint as Other Formats

1. PDF

Export your presentation as a PDF file to ensure universal viewing:

a. File > Save As > PDF

Select PDF format and save the file. This format retains the layout and is easy to share via email or on websites.

2. Video

You can convert your PowerPoint to video for easy sharing on video platforms or via email:
a. File > Export > Create a Video
Select the video quality that you want and then click “Create Video”. The file can be shared like any other video file.

Method 3: Sharing on Social Media

1. Linkedln

LinkedIn is a professional platform, and how to share a PowerPoint Presentation can be an effective way to showcase your expertise:
a. Upload as Media

When creating a post, you can upload your PowerPoint file as media. It will be viewable by your connections.

2. SlideShare

SlideShare is a platform that has been specifically designed for sharing presentations:

a. Upload to SlideShare

Create an account and upload your presentation. SlideShare provides easy options for sharing and embedding.

Method 4: Utilizing Distributed storage

Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive

Distributed storage administrations are perfect for sharing huge documents, Transfer your PowerPoint record and make a shareable connection. By dominating these strategies, you’ll have the option to share your PowerPoint introductions really and you will contact your crowd with certainty. Whether for business, instructive, or individual purposes, knowing how to share your thoughts in a connecting way is an important expertise.


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