what is mock up ?

What is Mockup In Graphic Design ?

in Tips and Tricks on August 18, 2022

Mockup In Graphic Design Mean

The term “mockup” may already be familiar to those who are in the design world. Mockups are used by designers to have the same image or imagination as the client. Making mockups is very important in supporting the designs that we will create for clients. From the mockup that we present, later the clients can see an overview of a design when it is implemented into the real field. So, what exactly is a mockup and why does it make the designer’s job easier, see the following review!

Mockup is a visual medium that will display a preview of the design concept that we will create. For example, when we design a house, sometimes the design is still difficult to imagine the visual form when it becomes a building.With the mockup, the house building can be visualized in a three-D form that will resemble a real house building. This can make it easier for anyone to determine whether the design is suitable or not when applied later.

The mockup itself makes it very easy for designers or architects when presenting their design concepts to clients, so designers can convey their design concepts easily, while clients can provide feedback because the concept is quite clear.

The Benefits of mockups

There are many benefits to having prepared a mockup before hand, including:

1. Have a realistic picture that resembles the final result you want to show, so that the client has the same imagination or imagination about the design that will be created.

2. Facilitate the revision process if someone ignores the mockup and goes straight to the finalization stage of the project, then the revision process can happen from the start, because the client does not have a real picture of the work to be created.

3. The mockup presentation media can also be used as a presentation medium to equalize the perspective between the client and the designer.

4. Facilitate Stakeholder Mockup is a simple way stakeholders alias stakeholders can see and understand the final product that will be made. This method makes it easier for them to provide criticism about the design before the final process is carried out.

5. Save Budget Revisions made in the mockups stage will certainly save more budget than repairs made after the finalization stage or when the product is finished.


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